Wonderful Ceramics Group of Dongguan invests in USA
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A delegation led by Mr. Bill Haslam (Governor of Tennessee State, USA) visited Wonderful Ceramics Group's China Architectural Ceramics Museum on 5th May.

On 5th May, a delegation led by Mr. Bill Haslam (Governor of Tennessee State, USA) visited Wonderful Ceramics Group's (hereafter "the group") headquarters in Dongguan. Mr. Bill Haslam's trip was specially arranged in appreciation of the group's investments in the USA.

Since April 2015, the group has invested US$172 million to build a tile production base in Tennessee. The construction period for the project is expected to be four years. It aims to combine domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and to create fully automated production lines for high-end ceramic manufacturing. Upon completion, it will be China's first ceramics factory in either Europe or America.

Huang Jianping(Chairman of the group) extended a warm welcome to Bill Haslam. During the visit to the group's China Architectural Ceramics Museum, the delegation was amazed by the 5,000-year Chinese ceramics culture and the group innovation of blending ancient and modern culture. They also experienced the process of tile-carving from start to finish while on site.

The appreciation conference of Wonderful Ceramics Group's Investment in Tennessee State was held in Dongguan on 5th May, 2016.

During the evening section of the appreciation conference, Bill Haslam expressed respect and appreciation for outstanding Chinese manufacturing enterprises willing to invest in Tennessee State. "Beside romantic country music, Tennessee State is also a business metropolis in the USA where there are also a number of emerging industries. More Chinese enterprises representing the highest level in manufacturing industries are welcome."

On behalf of the Dongguan municipal government Vice-Mayor Yang Xiaotang welcomed the delegation led by Governor Bill Haslam and praised Wonderful Group for being a role model in the transformation and upgrading process. "As an outstanding representative of Chinese manufacturing, Wonderful Group has been a pilot in the 'Robots Replacing Traditional Labour' initiative. Now it 'goes global' and is establishing a production base in the United States, which will once again promote the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan, and even China's manufacturing industry."

As to the latest progress of the USA plant, Huang Jianping confirmed that it is being built in strict accordance with the requirements and standards of United States legislation. With the support and cooperation between all parties, the project is expected to go well and the first phase is expected to complete in the first half of this year.

(By Stefanie Tan and Sev Pischl)

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